Getting Over Cellulite

There are more important things to occupy your time with than obsessing over cellulite.

I've noticed (or perhaps simply drawn more attention to) more cellulite on my body in the last 2 years, despite not having any significant changes in body composition.

And, I definitely have obsessed over the years and wondered if other people noticed and judged me for it or thought it looked as gross as I decided it did. I'd see photos where the sun was shining in such a way to highlight every dimple.

With words rolling around like...

"cellulite can *affect* most women"
- 90% of women have cellulite, why are we using "affect"
"*causes* of cellulite"
- heyo... it's the structure
"treatments for cellulite"
- basically nothing works, even surgery
"do more squats, lose more fat"
- doesn't matter what your body composition is or BMI..
"It is a structural *issue*"
- what's the issue?
"*normal* skin vs. skin with cellulite"
- why are we saying "normal"... cellulite is also normal

Thanks to marketing companies that use creative language we are led to believe that there is a cure, that we are living in flawed bodies that need to be fixed.


image from @lucymountain

Cellulite exists in adult women at any age, race, or BMI. The fibrous bands that pull on the skin are meant to be there. There is NOTHING wrong with your body. This is simply how it was made.

You are not flawed. Your body is not flawed. I truly hope you hear this and can begin to distance the negative thoughts you carry.

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