Putting An End to the Fear Tactics - High Vibe Health

I don't believe in fear tactics to convince anyone not to eat a certain way. This amplifies the cultural norm of fear/guilt/shame around food.
Stepping into high vibe health means education from a place of love.
If you have foods in your cupboard that are processed, have "too much" sodium, additives, canola oil, and other random ingredients, it's all good. You are not a bad person for this.
Do we want to shift what's in the cupboard to higher vibe (better quality) options, heck to the yes!
But, I'm not here to freak you out or make you feel like a horrible person for getting that box of granola bars from Costco.
So, let's approach this from a place of love not fear.
No guilt or shame for what your cupboards look like.
If you want to... and if you know it will feel higher vibe, start to make changes one by one.
We are all learning and the best way to look at all of this is progress, not perfection. You didn't know yesterday what you know today.
Besides... the more time you spend beating yourself up for not being perfect, the less time you have to be the badass you truly are 💕
Kat Feeney

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